Vínculos, amistades y avisos en la Castilla del Siglo de Oro: una aproximación al entramado noticioso entre Jerónimo de Barrionuevo y Lorenzo Francés de Urrutigoyti

Gálvez Martín, Rubén
Links, Friendships and Avisos in Golden Age Castile: an approximation to the newsletter between Jerónimo de Barrionuevo and Lorenzo Francés de Urrutigoyti.This text explores the importance of social action and interpersonal links in 17th century information systems by focusing specifically on the vertebrate between Jerónimo de Bar-rionuevo and Lorenzo Francés de Urrutigoyti. To this end is used an analytical approach limitated to social practices and dynamics focused on the Avisos elaborated by Barrionue-vo, which has hardly been contemplated and even less systematically executed by histori-ography. In this way, are inquired the nature, dynamics and practices of a structure theo-retically circumscribed to these two actors articulated between Madrid and Sigüenza, but which actually encompassed a conglomerate of individuals settled in multiple places, who intervened and, to a large extent, enabled, hindered or are benefited in one way or another from the generated news. A process, without forgetting, framed in an era of informative maelstrom and development of a public sphere where the power of information was a crucial instrument in political and social praxis ​
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