Case studies of macro- and microplastics pollution in coastal waters and rivers: Is there a solution with new removal technologies and policy actions?

This opinion paper on microplastics pollution has selected different aspects and case studies of micro and macro-plastic litter pollution in coastal waters, and rivers. We point out a discussion on this topic and ask ourselves if there is a solution to the global problem by developing new microplastics removal technologies as well as policy actions. The first two case studies are related with macroplastics marine litter in beaches, a third report describes a new simple sampling device for microplastics in coastal and nearshore areas, five case study assess microplastics pollution in worldwide coastal environments, sediments and catchments (India, Mexico, Australia, Europe and the Nordic Sea). Finally, different technologies to remove microplastics are highlighted as well as policy solution are listed to tackle this global problem with coordinated actions. Case studies on affordable wastewater tertiary treatments and new drinking water filtration systems are emphasized ​
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