El reconeixement: eix de les polítiques d'integració?

The article presents the way in which various authors have understood the concept of “recognition” and they proposed to apply it to guide policies in relation to individuals and groups who are identified as “ethnic minorities” or “immigrated people”. The text argues that some of the interpretations that have been made about this concept are especially useful and they help us to understand some of the problems and conflicts that these people and groups face. The article especially values the contributions of those authors who have been able to make an interpretation of recognition far from its community dimension and linked to the vindication of identities. It is also argued that this perspective is interesting insofar as it takes us away from other concepts (such as “integration” or “sense of belonging”) that put their focus more on the people who are the object of the policies, rather than on the policies themselves. Thirdly, some examples of recognition and lack of recognition actions are given to show how the work plan that emerges from these policies can be very far from communitarianism and the vindication of the identities, two tendencies with which they are often associated when criticizing recognition politics. Finally, we present the need to identify recognition practices at the local level and to make them known ​
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