Estratègies, plataformes i dispositius que afavoreixin la participació dels joves

Pujol, Íngrid
Participation is a right, but not everyone is in the same condition to be able to exercise it. It is then that we need to know how to work to encourage participation and train people to be able to decide on what is happening around them, act according to their needs, be able to intervene in their environment and learn to take responsibility and organize. in the community. Based on her experience as a facilitator of the Kasal de Joves Roquetes, located in the Nou Barris district (Barcelona), the author reflects on the participation of young people and on working with young people through participation, as an opportunity to learn to coexisting with diversity and tackling inequalities. In addition to highlighting the knowledge of the territory when promoting any participation project, the author highlights the 5 issues to keep in mind so that the participation process makes sense and comes to fruition: what, who, where, when, how and why of participation. Finally, it refers to two experiences of interest and some resources to consider ​
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