La calidad de la auditoría en Sistemas de Gestión: Software audit_integrated

Escobar Rivera, Dalilis
Moreno Pino, Mayra Rosario
Cuevas Rodríguez, Luis
Quality is an essential factor for organizations facing a context of economic globalization, the rise of Information Technology and Communications (ICT) and increased competition. This framework is a challenge for the accomplishment of its mission; therefore, it is imperative to develop effective audits as a tool for assessing and monitoring performance management system. In order to improve the quality of this activity and meet the needs of the audit client, a design for the planning, implementation, monitoring and improving the quality of integrated audit process, which has twelve tasks grouped into four stages it is proposed and whose center is linked to the use of the computer tool AUDIT_INTEGRATED. The proposal is conceived to encourage the continuous improvement of audit quality through verification system; supported in compliance with regulatory document ​
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