Tumour characteristics and survivorship in a cohort of breast cancer: the MCC-Spain study

Gómez Acebo, Inés
Dierssen Sotos, Trinidad
Pérez-Gómez, Beatriz
Amiano, Pilar
Guevara, Marcela
Domingo, Laia
Fernández Ortiz, María
Moreno, Victor
Alguacil, Juan
Ibáñez, Josefa
Díaz Santos, Marian
Henar Alonso, M.
Alonso Molero, Jessica
Castaño-Vinyals, Gemma
García Palomo, Andrés
Ardanaz, Eva
Molinuevo, Amaia
Aragonés, Nuria
Kogevinas, Manolis
Pollán, Marina
Llorca, Javier
Purpose The objective of this study is to analyse the relative survival with breast cancer in women diagnosed after new treatments were generalised and to ascertain the current effect that tumour characteristics such as grade, stage or subtype have on survival as well as the new AJCC-pathological prognostic score. Methods The breast cancer MCC-Spain follow-up study is a prospective cohort study of 1685 incident breast cancer cases. Women between 20 and 85 years old were recruited between the years 2008 and 2013 in 18 hospitals located in 10 Spanish provinces and they have been followed until 2017/2018. Relative survival was estimated after 3, 5 and 8 years of follow-up using Ederer II method. In addition, Weibull regression adjusted by age, hospital, grade and stage was used to investigate prognosis factors. Results Among components of TNM staging system, tumour size greater than 50 mm (i.e. T3 or T4) more than doubled the risk of dying, while N3 nodal involvement and presence of metastasis had a huge effect on mortality. The AJCC pathological prognostic score strongly correlated with survival; thus, hazard ratios increased as the score rose, being 2.31, 4.00, 4.94, 7.92, 2.26, 14.9 and 58.9 for scores IB, IIA, IIB, IIIA, IIIB, IIIC and IV, respectively. Conclusion Both TNM staging and histological/molecular biomarkers are associated with overall survival in Spanish women with breast cancer; when both are combined in the AJCC pathological prognosis score, the prognostic value improved with risk indices that increased rapidly as the pathological prognosis score increased ​
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