Nutrir la afinidad por la naturaleza

Waite, Sue
Morgan, Alun
Haukka, Anna
Pilke, Elina
Salin, Maria
Ruset Font, Carme
Candeias Pimenta, Raúl
Putrle, Dejan
Bachero Pont, Xavier
Llover Colom, Maria
Eskelinen, Matti
Corbino, Marie
Vilalta Cubí, Mireia
Vila Coma, Joan
The NANOL project, funded by EU funds, was created with the aim of encouraging outdoor activities and contact with nature of primary education schools in protected natural areas and has allowed the communication between educators from different backgrounds, basically from nature schools or environmental education centers, from primary education schools and from universities working in the initial and permanent training of teachers. The work has been contextualized in the reality of each partner (United Kingdom, France, Slovenia, Finland and Catalonia) and the individual needs have been respected. This publication collects the experiences that each partner has undertaken. They are all different, but equally interesting and complementary, as they support a positive trend to improve education through initiatives that promote contact between the immediate school environment and children that are active and involved in real world topics ​
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