Study and conceptualization of Vusiness: a model for the creation and management of companies based on values

The global economy has suffered a serious crisis and rapid slowdown. globalization significantly increases the unbalanced use of finite, non- 2/1 renewable sources of energy, aggravating climate change. Millions of Children are currently subjected to the worst forms of child labor. Technological advances entail a large negative impact on the job market, causing significant job destruction. In light of these economic and social threats and challenges, this thesis presents a study and conceptualization of Vusiness [Business & Values]: A model for the creation and management of companies based on values. Throw bibliographic reviews, discussion groups combined with qualitative in-depth interviews to jointly conceptualize the Valometer, a tool which consists of 50 criteria and indicators constructed scientifically and divided into the following 5 spheres: Identity, administration and management, people, sustainability and technology ​
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