El papel de los Delegados de Ejecución en la ejecución penal en la comunidad ¿gestores o agentes de rehabilitación?

Community sanctions and measures are much used in the Spanish and Catalan context, but much less researched. This paper describes how community service orders, suspended sentences with requirements and suspended sentences for drug users are implemented by the professionals working for the Catalan Justice Department. These professionals, called Delegadas de Ejecución de Medidas (probation officers) are responsible for the supervision of offenders in the community and undertake their task mainly through one to one interviews with offenders. Criminological research has pointed out that the skills used by professionals in these interviews can have an impact on offenders' compliance with the orders as well as with their longer term compliance and therefore their reoffending rates, by supporting their desistance process. A research based on direct observation of interviews between Catalan probation officers and offenders is presented here. Results follow the trend of research conducted in other jurisdictions and show that these professionals tend to use strong relationship skills; their use of cognitive restructuring skills is less marked. These results fit with the managerial model for the implementation of community sanctions and measures in which probation officers manage the implementation of sanctions and measures but treatment is offered by programmes implemented by other professionals ​
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