La circulació de moneda baiximperial a les ciuitates de Girona i Empúries durant el baix Imperi romà

Bouzas Sabater, Marc
The main objective of this thesis is to establish the circulation dynamics of late roman coinage in the roman ciuitates of Girona and Empúries during the historical period known as the Late Roman Empire. To do so, we studied the coins recovered during archaeological works in the aforementioned territories, which lead to the constitution of an exhaustive catalogue of the coinage. In turn, the catalogue allowed the statistical analyses of the same, as well as the generation of a global vision of the coinage found in the region. Under the premise that regional economies differ among themselves, we believe that the local study of regional economies, such as the one studied here, can provide a better understanding of the global roman dynamics of the Empire. The present thesis goes beyond the study of coinage circulation, and extends to topics such as the nature of the economy – attempting to determine whether the economy was monetary or weight based – as well as the conception of the coin in the economic system, while also determining if it had a trust or a weight value. We also pretend to characterize the circulating coinage on the basis of an array of factors: metal, type, chronology, mint, and emissary. Through the study of these factors we can determine which were the coins that reached the studied territory. Moreover, the importance of the imitative coinage is also evaluated, given that it is a key to understand the economy in the zone. Finally, we compare data extracted of the studied territory with other published data from different territories of Spain and Europe, in an attempt to see if there are overarching similar dynamics between those appreciated in the Girona and Empúries territories during the Late Roman Empire and their Spanish and European counterparts. ​
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