La superación del mito de la Atenas suramericana: los cafés como espacios de la producción cultural (Bogotá 1880-1930)

The study of cafes as spaces of cultural exchange and places of literary modernity can bring with them stories of gatherings and literary encounters, including vanguards defined under cultural movements that defied tradition and imposed renewed forms of culture. In the encounters of regulars in these historic cafes, one can find these lost images of cultural production and the diverse tensions surrounding the construction of cultural identity, especially in the case of European cafes. In the case of cafes in Bogota, this cultural experience is much more diffuse, due in part to a series of economic, social, and cultural contradictions that allowed for a late emergence of cafes in Bogota’s social and urban spaces. This work insists that these material conditions, which are part of the same production conditions within the particular phenomenon of cafes, cannot be ignored. ​
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