A Fresh Approach to Context Influence, Development and Performance in Environmental Management

Environment Respect for the environment has rapidly gained importance in the context of firms, regardless of their pollution levels. Most of the existing research has related to the most polluting sectors and has been limited to the effect that the adoption of cleaner practices has on performance, primarily in terms of operations, financial performance and competitiveness. This paper expands the research towards a more complete picture of environmental management by examining context, development and performance to understand how other factors can influence the development of cleaner practices. In addition, we focus our research on the service sector. In our analysis, we differentiated between the affiliation and size of the studied companies to better understand their specificities. Based on a sample of 374 restaurants, the results show the importance of the influence of institutions and the limited influence of competitors in encouraging firms to adopt a strategic, clean approach, especially for the smallest firms. Copyright © 2014 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd and ERP Environment ​
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