Biocultural Heritages in Mallorca: Explaining the Resilience of Peasant Landscapes within a Mediterranean Tourist Hotspot, 1870–2016

This is a highly interesting and relevant paper which is well suited for publication. The scholarship of the paper is very convincing and the scope (tying past to present) is well carried out. However, there are quite a lot of language issues and Chapter 2 should be worked on a bit to be more condensed. In particular as the readership are not historians some of the detail provided could also be condensed to make the overall frame of the paper more clear. In addition, though bicultural heritage is introduced in the beginning and resilience in the very title of the paper there is very little use of the concepts in the actual paper. A few explanations here and there would suffice to make the link more clear. A definition and some refs to the concept of biocultural heritage should also be added. I have made quite a lot of language edits/suggestions in the text and also in comments. I should stress however that I think this is a very good paper, that deserves to be well understood and quoted, hence my extensive comments ​
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