Síndrome de la bolsa de orina púrpura: planificación de cuidados = Purple urine syndrome: Care planning

The purple urine bag syndrome is an infrequent entity of benign condition but characterized by a chemical that consequence the urinary catheter and bag can get stained red, blue or purple. This phenomenon usually happens in pluripathological patients who carry a urinary catheter due to a urinary tract infection. Development of the care plan: We developed a care plan by reviewing and analyzing the case of an 86-year-old woman with a diagnosis of purple urine bag syndrome. Nursing diagnoses are proposed with the NANDA-I taxonomy, the outcome criteria with the Nursing Outcomes Classification (NOC) and the nursing interventions with the Nursing Intervention Classification (NIC). In turn, we deal with the problems of collaboration and the development of the nursing activities that accompany them. Discussion and conclusion: It is necessary to develop an individualized care planning centered in the person with purple urine bag syndrome to achieve the planned results criteria and avoid the alarm that implies a wrong therapeutics decision that can alter the results ​
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