Història de la indústria làctia a les comarques gironines: la Central Lletera Municipal de Girona i La Lactaria Española de Vidreres, entre d'altres

García Moreno, Antoni
This doctoral thesis is about the history of dairy industry in the regions of Girona through the analysis of different centres that there are nowadays in Girona, especially the most important centres like “La Central Lletera” of Girona and la “Lactaria” of Vidreres, currently known as “Vidreres Llet”. In the first place, it has taken into account the characteristics of the milk production and the economic sector, that allow us to follow the evolution of different centres in the region of Girona, and the most representative of all dairy products. Examples like the centres of Girona and Vidreres, which are both treated individually in the second and third parts of this thesis, represent the main theme of this research. “La Central” was considered a pioneer in industrial packaging of milk in Spain. The centre of Vidreres has been, and currently is, the largest industrial site of milk packaging in the province. ​
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