Dones, cos i ecologia. Dona arbre

The thesis presented is a study of some women's movements which claim a recovery of the female body from a feminist and ecologist standpoint and which are currently spreading their influence. It provides a summary of the different aspects that embrace these international movements and their growing influence in Catalonia. It is intended to reflect on the ambivalence, but also the potential of these resistance movements in the corrent medical, educational and socioeconomic model. The many interviews that are part of the text set different shades to complete the mosaic portrait of this reality. It is a qualitative analysis which gives voice to different women involved in some aspects of the moviment studied in this thesis, either as professionals or as users: the female body, the menstrual cycle, women's circles and motherhood. The results obtained highlight the fact that the link between environmentalism, feminism and corporeality not only involves changes towards new practices at individual and family levels but also claims a global economic decline in order to achieve greater attention to life and its cycles. If these new attitudes are not favored from the environment, the result may be a source of physical and psychological exhaustion for some women. ​
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