Experiencias de investigación feminista: propuestas y reflexiones metodológicas = Feminist Research Experiences: Reflections and Proposals on Methodologies

Biglia, Barbara
Luxán Serrano, Marta
Fernández Bessa, Cristina
Azpiazu Carballo, Jokin
Bonet Martí, Jordi
This text means to be an introduction to the monograph named “Feminist research experiences: reflections and proposals on methodologies”. We aim to express the main concerns and motivations that led us to elaborate it, as well as the process of working with feminist research methodologies in the frame of SIMReF. We try and express the difficulties we met when aiming to produce non-androcentric forms of knowledge in academia. At the same time we underline our interest on working with and forward methods to transverse gender analysis in different disciplines. We also draw on the opportunity to elaborate guides or methodological reference texts on the implementation of feminist epistemologies in our research and, specially, advocate the idea of giving account about practical decisions taken during the research processes, revealing the “back room”within them. Finally, we provide a short description of the articles included in the monograph ​
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