Improving the learning experience of business subjects in Engineering studies using automatic spreadsheet correctors

The combination of two macro trends, Information and Communication Technologies' (ICT) proliferation and novel approaches in education, has resulted in a series of opportunities with no precedent in terms of content, channels and methods in education. The present contribution aims to describe the experience of using an automatic spreadsheet corrector, its perceived benefits as well as its impact on academic results. A total of 179 students coursing technical studies attended a basic course on business administration in the framework of which the field work was conducted. Perception assessment of students demonstrates a very good opinion about the learning experience using the proposed ICT tool. The user perception evaluation also shows that it is a valuable learning tool, while students who obtain a high final qualification are the ones that have been positively evaluated in the sessions using the automatic spreadsheet corrector. Beyond these highlighted benefits for students, teachers gain time, effort and workload reduction. The validity of the proposal is tested in the Polytechnic School of the University of Girona in Catalonia (Spain). ​
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