Analysis of the Catalan Haute Cuisine Success: The Role of Education and Network Creation

This paper analyses two of the success factors of the Catalan haute cuisine: education and network creation. Fifty-four interviews with Michelin-starred restaurant chefs were done, using two questionnaires, one for each factor studied. Cross-case studies were analysed. Results show that both factors are important and mutually correlated. Education is important to have the bases to understand and enrich the current cuisine, and also act as a pool of relationships creation. Regarding the second factor, the majority of chefs started their relationships at a professional level and some became personal. A framework of collaboration, respect, admiration and joint objectives are the most highlighted key results. The future of this sector, according to the interviewees, is ensured by the new generations of chefs but also because of the society interest. Additional aspects explaining the success of the cuisine are presented. To the best of the authors’ knowledge, this is one of the first works presenting the success of this cuisine studying these two factors in-depth ​
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