La construcción y simulación de la identidad en la fotografía de autorretrato del siglo XXI = Construction and simulation of the identity in the photographic self-portrait in the 21st century

In modern times the relationship between the subject and photography has grown in importance. Self-portrait in photography has become a worldwide trend. The practice of the selfie could become a way of understanding a homogenised identity. And herein lies the paradox: people who want to show their differences as a subject but use the same photographic schemas — face and space in the same frame, always recognizable — become further proof of capitalist logic in the digital network. Individual identity is constructed in photographic self-portraits through a homogenized representation of the subject. Once again, the photographic composition is serialized and individuals are shown in a virtual reality which they themselves have created. The way identities are displayed on networks makes the face the most important part for identification. And thus, identities are treated like merchandise that can be bought and sold ​
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