La enseñanza de la arquitectura en la sociedad actual: la integración de las nuevas formas de práctica profesional en el Taller de Arquitectura = The teaching of architecture in present-day society: the integration of new forms of professional practice in the Architecture Workshop

Masdéu Bernat, Marta
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Nowadays, the professional practice is undergoing changes that are affecting the architects’ work. Architectural studios are reinventing themselves to adapt to new social, technological and productive demands. However, despite the changes that are occurring in the profession, the training of architects in schools continues to focus on educational models that have grown more and more distant from the professional demands. In view of this, schools have been forced to revise their programs in order to develop teaching methods that enable them to adapt to the current situation. Thus, the traditional model of the Design Studio, considered as the core of education in architecture, is undergoing a transformation process. This essay focuses on some of the driving factors that are currently present in the professional practice and their impact on the training of architects. Especially it analyses how the traditional model of the Design Studio is evolving into new interdisciplinary, interdependent and interconnected learning spaces. It also explains some examples based on emerging educational models –Blended Learning, Collaborative Project-Based Learning, Digital Learning, and Practice-Based Learning–. Finally, some hypotheses about the future of the Design Studio are formulated ​
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