Llengua i immigració en la Catalunya contemporània: imaginaris de l’altre i actituds lingüístiques dels parlants arran de la immigració murciana

This article analyses the arrival in Catalonia of immigrants from Murcia in the 1920s and 1930s from the point of view of the respective language ideologies. On the basis of documents of various kinds having more or less directly the immigrants as subjects, it presents the components which go to make up the image of the other, and more specifically the language. In each group the image of the other is never a static one: as a result of the contact of languages and cultures, images and linguistic attitudes evolve. At the same time, the new sociolinguistic si - tuation created by the immigrants’ arrival throws up markers, from demonyms to place names. Crossing over the ideological borders which assign new and old names, the article also examines various cases of linguistic convergence and the linguistic biography of one speaker. Lastly, this historical approach to the language ideologies of speakers in Catalonia leads to the posing of some theoretical and methodological problems of sociolinguistics ​
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