Controls on the dynamics of riverine dissolved organic matter: insights from a Mediterranean river network

Casas Ruiz, Joan Pere
In river networks, dissolved organic matter (DOM) constitutes the major pool of organic carbon, and plays a key role as energy source and modulator of toxic substances availability. In this thesis, Joan P. Casas-Ruiz and collaborators provide new insights into the controls on DOM processing, and into how in-stream reactions and changing DOM sources modulate DOM dynamics in river networks. To attain this, the quantity and composition of DOM were evaluated across a river network throughout a full hydrological year. The results compiled in this thesis pose water residence time as the main regulator of DOM processing, while DOM properties as well as nutrient availability determine the net balance of in-stream degradation and production of DOM. A network-scale analysis identifies a pattern of DOM concentration and chemical diversity with maxima in medium-sized rivers, and the same pattern emerges upon analysis of a global data set. On the basis of these results, this thesis proposes a conceptual framework to comprehend and predict the spatiotemporal dynamics of riverine DOM ​
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