Mujeres artistas de la vanguardia internacional: el caso de Abstraction-Création (1931-1936) = Women artists of the international avant-garde: The case of Abstraction-Création (1931-1936)

Women's contribution to abstract art in the interwar period is a subject that, to date, has received very little attention. In this article we deal with the untold story of the participation of women artists in Abstraction: Création, the foremost international group dedicated to abstract art in the 1930s. Founded in Paris in 1931, the group took on the work of two previous collectives to become a platform for the dissemination and promotion of abstract art and consisted of around a hundred members. Twelve of these were women, whose writings and works were published in the group's annual magazine, abstraction creátion art non figuratif (1932-1936), and who participated in a number of the group's exhibitions. Compared to what had occurred in previous groups, the participation of women, although reduced in number, was comparable to that of the male artists and being members of the group had a generally positive impact on the women's careers. However, all this came at the expense of relinquishing any gender specificity in their work and the public presentation of it, and demonstrates that the normalization of women's contributions to the avantgarde could only be brought about alongside a questioning of the more dogmatic views of modernity ​
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