Jardines privados y consumo de agua en las periferias urbanas de la comarca de La Selva (Girona) = Private landscaping and water consumption in suburban developments in La Selva County (Girona)

In the suburban low-density areas, the landscaping typology becomes a relevant factor in regards to the average domestic water consumption per household. Firstly, in this study we applied a cluster analysis in order to find out the main landscaping typologies in this specific urban context in La Selva County. We used the information from a survey of 240 households, in the suburban low-density areas of 9 of the municipalities in this county. Results show 4 main garden typologies: ornamental, vegetable, lawn and tree. The study also intends to explore how the landscaping patterns obtained in the previous analysis are associated with particular sociodemographic characteristics of the households. Furthermore, a multinomial logistic regression analysis revealed how each landscaping pattern is associated with particular sociodemographic characteristics of the households, e.g., age, garden interest, household size or type of residential occupation ​
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