La importancia estratégica de la investigación preliminar de los Públicos para los Departamentos de Comunicación de las empresas energéticas en España = The strategic importance of the preliminary investigation of the Publics for the Departments of Communication of the energetic companies in Spain

Investigation of publics is recognized as crucial for organizations wishing to strategically manage their communication with these groups. However, although the study of publics is of fundamental importance, the investigation of these groups remains a practice which is not consolidated in the professional practice of Organizational Communication and Public Relations. This paper analyzes whether companies conduct research of their key publics and assesses whether there is consistency between the allocation of strategic importance to publics and investigation of these groups by companies in the energy sector in Spain. The results indicate that companies routinely conduct research of their publics, but there is not a clear correspondence between the importance attached to key publics and the level of research implemented concerning them ​
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