Els òrgans de govern universitari: reforma i inclusió de membres externs = University Governing Bodies: Reform and Inclusion of External Members

A number of important studies and articles have been published in recent years on university governance, their system of government and the need for a thoroughgoing reform to adapt this institution to the needs that today’s society has of universities, which transcend the classical ones of research and education. By means of this article I intend to contribute to this ongoing debate and go into more detail on some of the issues touched on, specifically on what form the structure of university government, its bodies, their composition and the relationships between them should take. The issue of incorporating external members in university government, what form that should take, to what extent and with what functions is one of the central themes of the article. The form I propose is based on a single governing body with a majority of outside members and ample scope for designing and implementing policies, with a strong university senate as an oversight body that would endorse the strategic plan submitted to it by the governing body and act as a guarantor of academic freedoms. A reform on the scale being studied, whether it is along the lines set out here or takes another form, will necessarily involve a change in the current Organic Act on Universities or the drafting of a new one. The implications which will inevitably flow from the new functions that the new university institution will undoubtedly be given will, in the medium term, have influence the shape of university autonomy and academic freedoms that the Constitutional Court has been defining in recent decades. I also outline some considerations on these aspects in the article ​
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