Study of the Ultrasonic Molding Process Parameters for Manufacturing Polypropylene Parts

Applications of polymeric materials are becoming a huge opportunity to innovate in new manufacturing technologies. In this sense Ultrasonic Molding (USM) process is an innovative technology to produce polymeric micro parts. Here, ultrasonic energy is used for melting polymeric pellets and fill a mold cavity. This paper presents a preliminary study to analyse the influence of three process parameters of USM on filling cavity, porosity, part weight and dimension. The process parameters studied are: humidity of the pellets, sonotrode velocity and mold temperature. The results show that dried pellets, velocities lower than 7mm/s or using increasing ramps velocities provide better parts. Although in future works the effect of the ultrasonic time on filling cavity and part dimensions should be studied and more material tested to extend the knowledge to this new technology ​
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