Doctoral Meeting in Water Science and Technology: Book of abstracts: Girona, 15 April 2016: Faculty of Sciences - University of Girona

This book contains ten extended abstracts submitted by PhD students of the Doctoral Program in Water Science and Technology within the framework of our annual meeting. The meeting was addressed to undergraduates, master and doctoral students interested in the ongoing research, current and future applications in the field of water science and technology. With this purpose, doctoral students were asked to summarize their ongoing activities in the format of an outreach scientific paper, with scientific rigor, but attractive, highlighting its innovative and most relevant aspects and potential applications. This book of abstracts is not an extensive summary of the research training done in the doctoral program; it is the result of a training activity resulting in a sample of the diversity of topics of the program and the different steps followed during the three to four years of a PhD: starting with the research plan; followed by the research activities and completed with the writing and edition of a doctoral thesis. It is organized in research topics: environmental chemistry, genetics, microbiology, ecology and ecotoxicology and chemical engineering, covering a part of the research lines of the program. First year students like Giulia Gionchetta, David Cunillera-Montcusí and Pau Gimeno provide interesting summaries of their research plans, full of ideas and hypothesis that will be responded in the following years. The first set of results is clearly presented by Ruben Vera, Vicente Luis Jiménez Ontiveros, Elena Hernández-del Amo, Laia Planella and Laura Barral, who are in the middle of their thesis. Ruben, for instance, summarizes his first findings on a new type of membranes for chemical speciation studies, whereas Vicente provides evidences demonstrating that microbial diversity in lakes changes over time. We have also two doctoral students presenting a summary of their whole PhD, Imma Nogerola, with interesting findings about the role of bacteria (Epsilon proteobacteria) linking C and S cycling and Baigal-Amar Tuulaikhuu summarizing her findings on the influence of Arsenic on freshwater biofilm and fish ​
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