Hygrothermal effects on CFRP: testing, analysis and structural optimization

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In the common design and certification process, a large number of experimental tests, going from small specimens to the full structure, are performed. In these tests, the environmental conditions, especially temperature and humidity, which the structural component will be submitted are considered. This multiplies the number of tests to be performed. With the aim of reducing the economic cost and the time needed for the design and the certification of components, numerical tools that allow a reduction of experimental tests and help in the analysis of results, are developed. In this framework, the present thesis tackles the topic of hygrothermal effects in composite materials in both fields: experimental tests and numerical tools. Specifically, the thesis focuses its attention on two analysis levels which are seldom present in the scientific literature: the optimization of structural components and the experimental characterization of the translaminar failure of the material, both considering environmental changes ​
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