E-Health tools supporting healthy habits for obese and diabetic kids

Soung, Sreynoch
We would like to develop a mobile application to manage diabetes and/or obesity patients and to help them acquiring appropriate habits. We also want to gamify the application in order to encourage them to use the application and to do physical activity. The application aims to encourage kids to make physical activities and play sports instead of just playing a video game: we want to develop a cooperative, competitive and serious game in which patients are formed as teams to compete against other teams of patients in order to win a league. To win matches against other teams of patients, members of the teams will have to follow their doctor’s recommendations. So, the use of mobile technology will help keeping track of the patient’s status. Moreover, social networks will be used to encourage team members and to validate other participant. There are two main objectives in this project. First, we need to create a web application which is used by doctors and system administrators. Through this web application, doctors can view information of their patients and set nutrition and exercise activity targets. Administrators can control doctor users. Second, we need to develop an android application with two interfaces. One interface is used for kids to input their daily activity related to nutrition and exercise activity. The other one is used by the parents to view their kid’s information, since parents are responsible to feed their kids properly. Parents also can encourage the kids to have good exercise activity ​
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