La Protecció del plurilingüisme a nivell estatal: Espanya i el model helvètic en l'escenari del dret comparat

The article discusses how to manage and protect linguistic diversity at a national level in Spain. To do so, we take into account the multilingual language regime applicable to other States; special emphasis is placed on a conglomerate state, Switzerland, which has historically been known for its respect of diversity. The article is formally structured in four sections. The first introductory stage outlines a brief reference of comparative constitutional law, considered as good and identifies different theoretical models of diversity management in an abstract way. The second section, entitled “Language and State model in Spain” contains an analysis of the state linguistic model. On this basis, the third section contains a reference to different multilingualism management models in force in other conglomerate states around us; special emphasis is given to the Swiss example. Finally, the article concludes with an epilogue, in which we enumerate the main mechanisms that, at present, promote a deepening of the protection of linguistic diversity at the national level in Spain ​
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