Variació intralingüística en la categorització i l'etiquetatge de les parts del cos en català: una reflexió metodològica

Starting from the evidence that there exists linguistic variation (individual or collective) in the classification and labelling of the parts of the body in Catalan (Ferrerós, 2012), we analyse the kind of relationship that holds between the observed variation and the methodology applied to collect the data (including both the sample and the procedure). The results of the study show, first, that different information is obtained according to whether the system used to elicit the data triggers spontaneous discourse or discourse deriving from metalinguistic reflection. Furthermore, it has been found that some variables in the sample (age, education and gender of the informants) are important to explain the variation between different speakers. Therefore, we conclude that the data that the researcher handles and, consequently, the validity of the conclusions reached will depend largely on the decisions taken regarding methodology ​
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