Proposed criteria for the evaluation of the scientific quality of mandatory rat and mouse feeding trials with whole food/feed derived from genetically modified plants

Schmidt, Kerstin
Döhring, Janine
Kohl, Christian
Kok, Esther J.
Glandorf, Debora C M
Custers, René
van der Voet, Hilko
Sharbati, Jutta
Einspanier, Ralf
Zeljenková, Dagmar
Tulinská, Jana
Spök, Armin
Alison, Clare
Schrenk, Dieter
Pöting, Annette
Wilhelm, Ralf
Schiemann, Joachim
Steinberg, Pablo
In recent years, animal feeding trials conducted with whole food/feed have been a focal issue in the controversy on the safety assessment of genetically modified (GM) plants and derived food/feed. Within the scientific community and among stakeholders, quite different views have been expressed on how these studies should be conducted, analysed and interpreted, what they might add in terms of information relevant to safety and whether 90-day rodent feeding trials should be mandatory ​
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