Fertility after post-cervical artificial insemination with cryopreserved sperm from boar ejaculates of good and poor freezability

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This study compared the field fertility outcomes in frozen-thawed (FT) sperm from boar ejaculates with different freezability (good, GFE/poor, PFE) while testing the reliability of the post-cervical artificial insemination (post-CAI) in FT sperm. The assay was conducted over eight months with 86 weaned sows being inseminated by post-CAI. Every ejaculate in a total of 26 from 15 Piétrain boars was divided into a refrigerated semen portion (FS; control treatment) and a cryopreserved portion (FT sperm), and the ejaculates were in turn classified as GFE or PFE in function of the sperm progressive motility and viability at 240 min post-thaw. As result, one of four possible treatments was randomly given to each sow: FS-GFE, FS-PFE, FT-GFE and FT-PFE. The number of pregnant and farrowing sows in FT-GFE did not significantly differ from those of FS control treatments. Contrarily, the probabilities of pregnancy were two times lower after inseminations with FT-PFE (P < 0.05) compared to FT-GFE, which indicates that ejaculates with high post-thaw sperm progressive motility and viability are more likely to result in pregnancies than those with poor in vitro sperm function. There were no differences in litter size or the risk of backflow among treatments. Further trials are required to determine the optimal volume and concentration of FT sperm in post-CAI to obtain a more reliable method for farmers interested in cryopreserved sperm ​
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