Importancia de la invariancia de medida de la confianza a través del tiempo: el caso de España = Importance of Measurement Invariance of Trust over Time: the Spanish Case

Social trust and political trust are, amongst others, key social capital factors. This paper examines the accuracy of their measurement and comparability across different time periods. Multiple-group confi rmatory factor analysis (MGCFA) is performed and different levels of measurement invariance (confi gural, metric and scalar) are tested. Data used are from European Social Survey for the years 2002, 2004, 2006 and 2008, in relation to Spanish citizens. Factor means for social and political trust are compared across time in Spain. Political and social trust show stability across time, except in 2004 with a higher level of political trust and 2006 with a higher level of social trust in Spain. Comparison with traditional composite scores shows the inaccuracy of such measurement for data comparison across time. Finally, consequences of using inaccurate measurements, and methodological recommendations concerning model fi t structural equation models are delineated ​
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