A PCR technique to detect enterotoxigenic and verotoxigenic Escherichia coli in boar semen samples

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In semen, bacteria's isolation from a pure culture is complex, laborious and easily alterable by the presence of antibiotics and inhibitors. We developed a PCR technique to detect the presence of the enterotoxigenic (ETEC) and verotoxigenic Escherichia coli (VTEC) (strains with high prevalence in the swine industry) in semen by adapting the protocols developed by Zhang et al. (2007) and Yilmaz et al. (2006). We artificially inoculated extended semen samples at different infective concentrations of bacteria (from 10 2 to 10 8 bacteriaml -1) with two enterotoxigenic and verotoxigenic strains, and performed two multiplex and one conventional PCR. This technique proved to be a quick, useful and reliable tool to detect the presence of ETEC and VTEC up to an infective dose of 10 5 bacteriaml -1 in semen ​
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