Impacts of biological invasions: What's what and the way forward

Simberloff, Daniel
Martin, Jean Louis
Genovesi, Piero
Maris, Virginie
Wardle, David A.
Aronson, James
Courchamp, Franck
Galil, Bella
Pascal, Michel
Pyšek, Petr
Sousa, Ronaldo
Tabacchi, Eric
Vilà, Montserrat
Study of the impacts of biological invasions, a pervasive component of global change, has generated remarkable understanding of the mechanisms and consequences of the spread of introduced populations. The growing field of invasion science, poised at a crossroads where ecology, social sciences, resource management, and public perception meet, is increasingly exposed to critical scrutiny from several perspectives. Although the rate of biological invasions, elucidation of their consequences, and knowledge about mitigation are growing rapidly, the very need for invasion science is disputed. Here, we highlight recent progress in understanding invasion impacts and management, and discuss the challenges that the discipline faces in its science and interactions with society ​
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