Multimedia in Box: design and Implementation of real time services based on WebRTC/HTML5

Lepretre, Sylvain
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The Broadband Communications and Distributed Systems (BCDS) Laboratory, supervised by Mr Marzo, Has Developed the project Vitam. Vitam is a set of video conferencing tools mainly devised to Health and remote assistant. However it is does not exist in Vitam a solution to allow users for recording audio or text message to be posted in the inbox of other users. Moreover, it does not exit neither a support to find quickly and ergonomic the videoconferencing recordings. The aim of this project is to design and integrate in Vitam a solution to allow users to recording video, audio or Text File. It will also provide an opportunity to the users to access the different files through an ergonomic and easy to use interface. This project is based on Html5 and WebRTC (Real Time Communication) ​
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