La conservació de l’endemisme Silene sennenii en un paisatge fragmentat. Raresa antròpica o natural?

Belpinati, Matteo
This work studies the flora accompanying the endemic plant Silene sennenii in one of its known subpopulations, named Baseia (Siurana, NE Iberian peninsula), as a method to characterize its habitat. The relationship between the presence of a taxon and its geological features or the historical land use has permitted a more effective prospection of the territory and the location of three new stands. The mesoxeric grasslands dominated by Brachypodium phoenicoides are the most favorable habitat for this species and no florístic differences that could explain the presence or the lack of this taxon are found. Only restrictions related to dispersion could explain the absence of this plant in some stands. We propose conservation measures that take into account not only the stands of effective presence but also those were the species has not been found, since theyminimize fragmentation allowing connectivity among habitat patches in agricultural landscape ​
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