Mejora de la Enseñanza y el Aprendizaje a través de la Evaluación de Competencias por medio de la Herramienta Cycloid = Improving Teaching and Learning through Assessment Skills using Cyclod

A procedure for the evaluation and development of competences using a tool based on information and communication technology tool called Cycloid is presented. The study proposes a feasible way for reducing the gap between higher education, learning and the work market, observing which competences were the most problematic for the students that face the work market. Student from two universities, one from Chile and another from Spain, participated in the study. Results show that students show weak stress tolerance and lack language proficiency. Their main strengths are their concern for their teamwork and mutual collaboration. These results are discussed considering the previous evaluations, the corrective and initiative actions adopted and the future proposals of activities. It is concluded that these results have a series of implications mainly for students, teaching staff and university management ​
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