Example-based fractured appearance

Glondu, Loeiz
Muguercia, Lien
Marchal, Maud
Bosch Geli, Carles
Rushmeier, Holly
Dumont, George
Drettakis, George
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A common weathering effect is the appearance of cracks due to material fractures. Previous exemplar-based aging And weathering methods have either reused images or sought to replicate observed patterns exactly. We introduce A new approach to exemplar-based modeling that creates weathered patterns on synthetic objects by matching the Statistics of fracture patterns in a photograph. We present a user study to determine which statistics are correlated To visual similarity and how they are perceived by the user. We then describe a revised physically-based fracture Model capable of producing a wide range of crack patterns at interactive rates. We demonstrate how a Bayesian Optimization method can determine the parameters of this model so it can produce a pattern with the same key Statistics as an exemplar. Finally, we present results using our approach and various exemplars to produce a Variety of fracture effects in synthetic renderings of complex environments. The speed of the fracture simulation Allows interactive previews of the fractured results and its application on large scale environments ​
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