Sculptor Nina Slobodinskaya (1898-1984). Life and search of creative boundaries in the Soviet epoch

Gnezdilova, Anastasia
Nina Konradovna Slobodinskaya - sculptor of Soviet epoch and space. Her creative work embraces more than 50 years and mirrors all artistic tendencies, actual subjects, main sculptural genres of the most contradictory, bloody period of XX century. Undoubtedly, the artist belongs to her time, sensitively facing and reacting at issues and challenges posed by the epoch, reflecting them in her artworks. However, the sculptor was able to become an independent master, choosing deeply human and supertemporal subjects in her creative work. Finally, following her proper artistic inclinations she contradicted the strict artistic rules of the Soviet reality. Hence, Nina Slobodinskaya opposed herself to the State’s demands, dooming her creative work to the social disregard and ignoration, and therefore was consigned to the oblivion. Noble by origin, being a part of Russian cultural intelligentsia (writers, artists, philosophers, scientists), she was capable to adapt and transmit her world vision’s beliefs into sculptures, enriching them with symbolical multi-level content. Accordingly, discovering a sculptor with a proper artistic vision and a developed individual style we also bring to light the philosophical and spiritual beliefs of Russian cultural elite, which by their system of values still belonged to the former Imperial Russia and, therefore, was condemned to the extermination by Lenin’s and Stalin’s policy. ​
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