Web-based application for medical imaging management

Mata Miquel, Christian
Prostate and breast cancer are the most common cause of cancers in men and women, respectively. Medical imaging plays an important role in breast and prostate cancer detection and evaluation. Then to prove that our web-based medical application could be applied in different medical disciplines, the main part of this thesis is the implementation of two frameworks as a Java applet interface designed as a web-based tool in the domains of mammography from X-rays in radiology, and of prostate imaging from an Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). This aims to facilitate the diagnosis of new mammographic and prostate cases by providing a set of image processing tools that allow a better visualization of the images, and a set of drawing tools used to annotate the suspicious regions (overlays). Each annotation allows including the attributes considered by the experts when issuing the final diagnosis. The overall set of overlays is stored in a database as eXtensible Markup Language (XML) files associated with the original images. Finally, an exhaustive evaluation of the results is also discussed in this thesis. For the application on mammography, the experimental study is performed in order to evaluate the scalability, complexity and response speed at the proposed tool. For the application on MRI of prostate cancer, the evaluation focused on the decrease of the variability of the expert assessments when collaborative work is performed. To conclude, a new architecture with the main goal of managing patient databases with potentially multi-modal imaging is presented such as for an MRI of the prostate cancer and evaluation from potentially several experts. ​
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