Cristo si è fermato a Eboli. Gagliano e il parco letterario di Aliano: metamorfosi di una memoria

Uccella, Francesca Romana
The relationship between Carlo Levi, his work Christ Stopped at Eboli and the village of Aliano, has changed a great deal between the first publication of the book in 1945 and the establishment of the Parco Letterario Carlo Levi in 2001. The experience and the memory of Levi’s exile in Aliano profoundly affected his intellectual development and deeply influenced both his subsequent literary and political choices. When the book first appeared, it provoked an intense reaction, but fifty years later the initial response from the critics had changed to the extent that an easier and more constructive relationship between people from Aliano, the author and his masterpiece was possible. This process culminated in a cultural endowment called the Parco Letterario Carlo Levi, which aims to improve links between the region territory and its literary heritage ​
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