La consonante lateral ante semiconsonante palatal en español: un caso de palatalización

The purpose of this essay is the analysis of the Spanish lateral consonant [l] when preceding a palatal semiconsonant [j] for it has been observed in spontaneous speech that, in such context, [l] seems to suffer a palatalization process due to the influence of the following sound. Besides, works on Dialectology or recent investigation on Diachrony give reasons to considerate that this process is possible in Spanish. However, the essays describing the Spanish phonetic and phonological system do not mention this phenomenon. In order to find out if there is only an alveolar realization for [l] before [j] or if it is possible to find variation in that context, we have studied its behaviour from an acoustic point of view, focusing on the F1, F2 and F3 frequencies and the duration of the consonant and its transitions to the following sound. The results prove the existence of different allophones for [l] and they allow us to defend that, in such a context, palatalization not only is possible but usual in Spanish ​
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