El 'portal' de levante de la ciudad de Gerunda

The recent excavation made in East most sectors of the city of Girona, in Torre Gironella and Caserna d’Alemanys, have confirmed that the great quadrangular tower that was entrusted with the defence of one of the weakest points of the city, was built, in its moment of Foundation, during the first third of the 1st century A.D., fully integrated to the rest of the urban fortifications. Furthermore, the existence of an unknown door was discovered; open to the “mountain of Girona”, an important wooded area to the East of Gerunda. Another door/arch made of great blocs of local marble has also been discovered as part of the inner foundations of one of the quadrangular towers of the Late Empire walls, which, for certain, belongs to the Eastern door of the city during East Empire, dismantled and reused as construction material of the new fortifications ​
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