Terra Sigillata Africana C amb decoració aplicada en terres nord-orientals de l'antiga Tarraconense

In this contribution we study African CI/C2 and C3/C4 with applied decoration, located in nort-east of present Catalonia. They constitute an interesting and very uniform group of a barely represanted pottery First importations arrived about 200 and during 3rd century and, although they were very minority: are present in a significant group of sites in the whole territory. The rnost rnodern ones, very plentiful, are documented between mid 4th cenfury and 163 rnid 5th century: as stratigraphical inforrnation shows. In this occasion, they are exclusively focused on coastal sites. We ernphasice predominance of form Hayes 52 E, huge variety of punches and an exceptional but fragmented piece from Roses ​
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