El reompliment de les sitges del Bosc del Congost

Agustí i Farjas, Bibiana
Carrascal i Pardo, Carme
Merino, Jordi
Navarro, Natàlia
The Bosc del Congost is a silos field beside the iberian village of Sant Julià de Ramis. Once the silos lost their function to storage cereals they were refilled with earth, stones and materials of human origin. The main part of these fillings have common character/st/cs as the predominance of pottery remains above other materials. However, some silos stand out for the presence of unusual materials: a relief with the representation of Triptolemus in silo number 53, one burial in silo 59, and a dog, a goat and a donkey in silo number 116 ​
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