Autopercepciones de las inmigradas sobre su hetero-representación en prensa escrita. Caso Gallego y Catalán

Martínez Suárez, Yolanda
Salvador Agra, Saleta de
Texto Completo
This text is an approach to female immigration from reception studies. We focus on how the media represents this doubly labeled group. The perspective is about listening her own speeches about how general media show them. Analyze the migration protagonist's opinions in the Spanish press is the overarching objective of this text, which aims to collect this phenomenon's interpretations from migrants' own voices. The methodology consists of conducting 225 surveys to a sample of migrant women who live in Galicia and Catalonia. The geographical choice try to establish a comparison between two polar opposites in migration tradition, in order to extract the commonalities of perception of the protagonists about the inmigrant imagery of the media. The main results point to an awareness of a lack of channels broadcasting their own voices. We found that there is a critical reflective discourse on news built around their reality. Their media consumption allows them to criticize the most common media strategies: the thematic frecuency, the photographic representation, the terminology, etc ​
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